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White Dopes on Punk III is an album by English singer-songwriter and felon Sir Dirk McQuickly. Serving as a continuation to both White Dopes on Punk (1970) and White Dopes on Punk II (1980), the album was released on December 11, 2020 by Capatol Records.


McQuickly had found immense success with his previous album, Litigation Station, partially thanks to it being promoted by the streaming platform Spotify. It's thus justified that Spotify was where McQuickly first teased the album. When users played either 1970's White Dopes on Punk or 1980's White Dopes on Punk II, a 3 card from the game UNO would fly onto their screens. McQuickly teased the album in a similar fashion on his Twitter, where he posted several photos of three large safety pins. Finally, on October 21, 2020, the album was announced and placed up for pre-order.

The album was rumored, upon announcement, feature heavy metal songs about lunch and unionized secretaries.

Track listing[]

  1. Tall Mohawked Winter Punk
  2. Find My Weight
  3. Pretty Goys
  4. Cheddar and Chives
  5. Penitentiary Pat
  6. Cheap Cheap Feeling
  7. Slicin'
  8. (I Took) A Piss on Venus
  9. Seize The Pay
  10. We Frown
  11. Winter Punk/When Dinner Comes

Alternate covers[]