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White Dopes on Punk II
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White Dopes on Punk II is the second solo album by Dirk McQuickly. McQuickly recorded all instruments much like White Dopes on Punk 10 years previously. It was released in 1980.

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(all songs written by McQuickly)

Side One[]

  1. Rutting Up
  2. Arbitrary Functionary
  3. On The Day
  4. Slaughterfalls
  5. Nobody Cares

Side two[]

  1. Blunt Parlour
  2. Summer's Day Pong
  3. Melted Pap
  4. Karaoke Music
  5. Dirkroom
  6. One Of These Lunches 

1993 The Dirk McQuickly collection bonus tracks[]

  1. Wreck My Machine
  2. Secret Bellend
  3. Good Day Tomorrow

Original Double Album[]

White Dopes on Punk II was originally planned to be a double album. Here is the tracklisting

Side One[]

  1. Blunt Parlour
  2. Melted Pap
  3. All You Course Spiders
  4. Glue Sway

Side Two[]

  1. Arbitrary Functionary
  2. On The Day
  3. Mr. H2O Molecule
  4. Summer's Day Pong
  5. You Know I'll Rut You Abbie
  6. Booger Wobble

Side Three[]

  1. Dirkroom
  2. One Of These Lunches
  3. Secret Fiend
  4. Karaoke Music

Side Four[]

  1. Check My Vaccine
  2. Slaughterfalls (I Need Lunch)
  3. Nobody Cares
  4. Rutting Up