Venus and Marbles


30 March 1975


November 1974 ~ February


Punk Rock





Venus and Marbles is the fourth studio album by Punk Floyd. Dirk McQuickly's group formed after The Rutles' dissolution. Released as the follow-up to the enormously successful Banned on the Run, Venus and Marbles continued Punk Floyd's string of successes and would prove a springboard for a year-long worldwide tour.

Track Listing

Side one

  1. Venus and Marbles
  2. Punk Show
  3. Rut In Song
  4. You Gave Me The Banter
  5. Yoghurt and Calcium Man
  6. Rutting Go

Side two

  1. Venus and Marbles (Reprise)
  2. Spirits of Ancient Rutland

3. Medicine Bra (Jimmy McCauliflower, Colin Alien)

  • Lead vocals by Jimmy McCauliflower 

     4. Never Call Me Ever Again

5. Listen to the Noise That the Small Girls Make While They Participate In Various Primitive Games For Their Own Amusement (1975 Long Version)

6. Rut Her Gently - Ugly Old People

7. Crossruts Theme (Bony Match)

Bonus tracks for 1987 CD edition and 1993 The Dirk McQuickly Collection edition 

  1. Street Gang
  2. Lunchbox/Odd Sex
  3. My Shopping Mall
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