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The Japan Box is a boxed set compilation of the five albums released by The Rutles for the Japanese market between 1964 and 1965, originally released in Japan by Odeon Records. The albums consist of Meet the Rutles!(ラットルズ!), The Rutles' Second Album(ラットルズNo.2), A Hard Day's Rut, The Rutles No. 5., and Ouch! The box set also includes a 100-page book.

Track Listing

Meet the Rutles!

Japanese title are ラットルズ!(Rattoruzu!/Rutles!)

  1. Hold My Hand (Single Version)
  2. She Rut's You
  3. (With Lunch)From He to You
  4. Number One
  5. Twist and Rut
  6. Between Us
  7. Don't Be Quiet (O'Hara)
  8. Please Rut Me
  9. I Saw Her Sleeping Here
  10. Rut Me Do
  11. Rutle Child
  12. I Love You
  13. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
  14. Thank You Mr.Snowman

(Rutles!-Rattoruzu!)-1964 Japan.jpg

The Rutles' Second Album

Japanese title are ラットルズ No.2 (Rattoruzu Nambaa Tsu/Rutles Number Two)

  1. Can't Buy Me Lunch
  2. Did You Tell Our Little Secret
  3. Thank You Guy
  4. A Taste of Money
  5. It's Wrong
  6. I Wanna Be Your Mom
  7. There's My Face
  8. Blue Suede Schubert
  9. Grizzly
  10. Toys
  11. You Stole My Baby
  12. Lot a Part Time
  13. Honey

Rutles No.5

  1. Long Tail Harry
  2. Baby Let Me Be
  3. Manna
  4. Witch Doctor
  5. You Really Rut A Boiled On Me
  6. Baby S'il Vous Plait
  7. Under My Skin
  8. I Don't Mind
  9. Tenez Mon Main
  10. Whips and Chains
  11. Goose-Step Mama
  12. All I've Rut to Do
  13. I Play Your Game
  14. The Man