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The original North American LP release of Semi-Automatic, the band's eleventh on Capatal Records and thirteenth US album, marked the last time that Capatal would release an altered UK Rutles album for the North American market. Since three of its tracks – "I'm Only Dying", "Just Shut Up,Bird!" and "Professor Ken" – had been used for Capatal's Another Day And Today compilation in June 1966, they were removed from the North American version, yielding an 11-track album with a running time of 28:20. As a result, there were only two songs for which Ron Nasty was the principal writer, compared with three by Harrison and the rest by Dirk McQuickly. When the Rutles re-signed with EMI in January 1967, their contract stipulated that Capatal could no longer alter the track listings of their albums.



The Rutles - Nevertheless

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Sackman (O'Hara)
  2. Roosevelt Mordecai
  3. Nevertheless (O'Hara)
  4. Out of Nowhere
  5. Yellow Submarine Sandwich
  6. He Said I Said

Side Two

  1. Good Day Lunchtime
  2. For Four Guys
  3. I Want to Grill You
  4. Got to Get You Into My Rut
  5. Monday Always Blows