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Originally planned for the buried album that Barry's dog dug up,this song was intended to be a tribute to the Old Time Music Halls-but it got a bit silly.Mickey Simmonds,who thought up the intro,couldn't play the piano and kazoo at the same time without giggling! Everyone was to blame for the ending.


The Rutles My Little Ukelele

Track Listing of the Buried Album

Side One

  1. That is the D
  2. In Spite of Challanger (McQuickly-O'Hara)
  3. Hallelujah,I Rut Her So
  4. You'll Become Wine
  5. Guadeloupe (Leppo)
  6. My Ronnie
  7. The Paint
  8. Ain't It Sleep
  9. Cry For A Rutle (O'Hara-Nasty)

Side Two

  1. Sea Urchin
  2. Three Fool Ruts
  3. My Little Ukelele
  4. I Like Ice Cream
  5. Hello Rutle Girl
  6. Rut Of Eat Lunch
  7. Became to Mucho
  8. Let Me Use to Your Comb
  9. Some Other Rut