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The cover to the proposed concept album.

Travolta is an unfinished concept album which the Rutles began working on in 1966 following their choice to stop touring after the bigger than God controversy.

Similarly to his previous hit "Scrambled Eggs", the title and concept for Travolta came to writer Dirk McQuickly in a dream. The album would tell the tale of a deaf, mute, and blind disco-dancing champion who is directed off the bus at the wrong stop and promptly becomes the biggest star in the world. However, the world was not ready for Travolta and it was abandoned.

However, the project did inspire the band to make something with a thematic purpose, leading to what some call their masterpiece: Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band.

Travolta was discussed in The Rutles: Turn Left At Greenland, an article from 1996.

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