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Tragical History Tour
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27 November 1967


25 April – 7 November 1967, EMI and Olympic studios, London




40:35 (UK) 34:35 (US)


Parlourphone (UK)
Capatal (US)

Preceded By

Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band (1967)

Succeeded By

The Triangular Album (1968)

Tragical History Tour is an album by The Rutles. Produced by Archie Macaw, it includes the soundtrack to the 1967 film of the same name. The American release featured an alternate cover, with a few select songs additionally left off the record.

Tragical History Tour (album)


The album, along with the film, was the first thing to be made after Leggy Mountbatten's movement to Australia, and the film and the album were infamous for their poor quality. However, with time, both have been re-evaluated, and now are seen as simply bland.

Track listing[]

The American release of the album, which excluded several tracks and used the incorrect title for Doubleback Alley.

Side one[]

  1. "Tragical History Tour"
  2. "Questionnaire" (excluded from USA release) (re-recorded song from Rutle Sole)
  3. "Lying"
  4. "Blue Gay Way" (O'Hara)
  5. "Your Mother Should Go"
  6. "Piggy in the Middle" (excluded from USA release)

Side two[]

  1. "Hello Get Lost"
  2. "W.C. Fields Forever"
  3. "Doubleback Alley" (listed as "Denny Lane" on the USA release)
  4. "Abie You're a Rich Man"
  5. Original Back Cover for US release.

    "Love Life"