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The Wheat Album, released in 2018.

The Wheat Album was a 2018 album released by Ron Nasty and the Rutles, featuring early rehearsal music from the recording of Archaeology. It also included three songs not released on Archaeology, including the 2009 solo track "Imitation Song" and Evolution Number Ten (from The Triangular Album).

Originally only available to purchase from live events, it is limited to 2000 copies and is only available at Nasty's website.

Track list[]

  1. "Imitation Song"*
  2. "Major Happy"
  3. "Rendezvous"
  4. "Questionnaire"
  5. "Joe Public"
  6. "Knicker Elastic King"
  7. "Eine Kleine Middle Classe Musik"
  8. "Hey Mister!"
  9. "Easy Listening"
  10. "Absurd Reductions"*
  11. "Shangri La"
  12. "Evolution Number Ten"*
  13. "Don't Know Why"

* Non-Archaeology tracks.

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