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The Rutles Burder Mabies
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15 June 1966

The Rutles Burder Mabies

The Rutles Burder Mabies is the ninth Capatal release by The Rutles and the eleventh overall American release. This album is most known for originally featuring a disturbing image of The Rutles surrounded by baby corpses, with the title The Rutles Murder Babies. For unknown reasons, record executives asked for a change to the cover, resulting in the new cover and title being hastily glued over. It was issued only in the United States and Canada.

The Rutles reportedly felt upset and the removal of the original cover, which they worked particularly hard on. "If we can't put out messages like that, then what's this all been about?" Nasty later commented.


The infamous "butcher" cover.

Many albums which were recalled simply had the new cover "pasted" over, meaning that it was possible to partially or fully reveal the original underneath.

Burder Mabies included tracks from the Rutles' two most recent British LPs which had not yet been included on American albums, plus three from their upcoming LP in the United Kingdom, plus two songs which were back-to-back on a single:

  • from the UK LP Ouch!, the tracks "Living in Hope" and "Scrambled Eggs" (earlier issued by Capatol as a single)
  • from the UK LP Rutle Sole, the tracks "Questionnaire" and "What Goes Ron" (also earlier issued by Capatol as a single), plus "(Stevie You Can't) Drive My Car" and "If I Needed Some Lunch", both sides of the double A-side single "Gay Tripper" / "You Stole My Baby"
  • from the upcoming UK LP Semi-Automatic, the tracks "I'm Only Dying", "Professor Ken", and "Just Shut Up, You Bird!".

Track listing[]

Side one

  1. (Stevie You Can't) Drive My Car
  2. I'm Only Dying
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Professor Ken
  5. Scrambled Eggs
  6. Living in Hope

Side two

  1. Just Shut Up, You Bird!
  2. If I Needed Some Lunch
  3. You Stole My Baby
  4. What Goes Ron
  5. Gay Tripper