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The Rutles (The Original Studio Recordings) (also known as The Rutles: Stereo Box), is a box set compilation comprising all remastered recordings by English rock band the Rutles. The set was issued on 9 September 2009, along with the remastered mono recordings and companion The Rutles in Mono and The Rutles: Rock Revolution video game. The remastering project for both mono and stereo versions was led by EMI senior studio engineers Allan Rouse and Guy Massey. The Stereo Box also features a DVD which contains all the short films that are on the CDs in QuickTime format.

The Rutles (The Original Studio Recordings) received the Grammy Award for Best Historical Album at the 53rd Grammys. The box set was issued on vinyl in 2012.

Album listing[]

The sixteen-disc collection contains the remastered stereo versions of every album in the Rutles catalogue. The first four albums (Please Rut Me, With the Rutles, A Hard Day's Rut and Rutles for Sale) made their CD debut in stereo, though most songs from those albums have previously appeared on CD in stereo on various compilations. Both Ouch! and Rutle Soul use the remixes prepared by Archie Macaw for the original 1987 CD releases (the original 1965 stereo mixes were released on The Rutles in Mono). Tragical History Tour is presented in the sequence and artwork of its original North American Capitol Records album release, as opposed to the UK six-song EP.

All CDs replicate their original album labels as first released, from the various Parlophone Records variations, to the Capitol Records label (for Magical Mystery Tour) and the UK Apple Records side A label from Yellow Submarine Sandwich through Let It Rot, and with the side A & side B Rutle labels for discs one & two respectively for The Rutles (Triangular Album). For Vast Bastards, disc one uses a mid-1960s Parlophone label design and disc two uses the (side A) Rutle label design. Each of the albums except Vast Bastards includes a mini-documentary, mainly drawing from The Rutles Archaeology (with a few animated 3D scenarios made up of original photos thrown in), about the album in QuickTime format. The Rutles and Vast Bastards are two-disc sets.