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"The Rutles: Turn Left At Greenland" was an article published in Goldmine Magazine in the November 8, 1996 special edition. It partially covered the upcoming release of Archaeology, but also included a recap of the band's history. It features numerous peculiar inaccuracies (such as referring to Rutle Soul as Rubbery Mole) but otherwise shines a light on numerous important moments in the band's history which were left out of the fast-paced documentary All You Need Is Cash.

The article is named after a particular quirk of Barry Wom in the 1960s. Barry had become convinced that "Turn left at Greenland" was a particularly funny punch-line, but kept accidentally saying it in situations which didn't make sense (including during an interview about Leggy Mountbatten moving to Australia). The article furthermore features analysis of the band's decline and its many hits, and also briefly discusses Travolta, an abandoned concept album from 1967 which evolved into Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band.

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