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The album, released in 2014.

The Rutles: Live+Raw (written as The R♡tles Live+Raw) was a 2014 live-album released by the touring version of the Rutles, which did not feature Sir Dirk McQuickly or Stig O'Hara, but instead Nasty, Barry, and several new members of the band. On top of 13 Rutle classics, it also included the 2009 Nasty solo-track "Imitation Song".

Band members[]

Track list[]

  1. "Hold My Hand"
  2. "Good Times Roll"
  3. "Questionnaire"
  4. "I Must Be In Love"
  5. "Another Day"
  6. "Living in Hope"
  7. "Piggy in the Middle"
  8. "Love Life"
  9. "Cheese and Onions"
  10. "Doubleback Alley"
  11. "Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik"
  12. "Hey Mister"
  13. "Easy Listening"
  14. "Imitation Song"

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