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The Dirk Side Of The Moon
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The Dirk Side Of The Moon was an album by Punk Floyd and released in 1973. It was the second of three albums released in 1973.


The Dirk Side Of The Moon was a loose concept album based on how amazing Dirk was. It also contained a few jibes at the other ex-Rutles, which led to Dirk being arrested for rudeness, and sued by Ron, Stig, and Barry. 'Fines' was a song about how many fines Dirk had been forced to pay since The Rutles' split. Dirk used some of the most modern technology in Shabby Road Studios, including a machine that allowed Dirk to record the sound of a safety pin opening and closing for the album. This led to Dirk and the band being sued by a direct relative of Walter Hunt, the inventor of the safety pin. 'Tunny' was about Dirk's favorite fish.

In the late 1990’s, fans discovered that the album was meant to synchronize with the mating ritual of snails. Once this was spread around, fans were compelled to match up other Punk Floyd albums with other animal mating rituals. When questioned on the matter, Dirk had this to say: "'s bollocks, innit?". Which didn't help his claim at all, since as everyone knows, bollocks are needed when animals are mating.


Side one

  1. (You) Reek To Me
  2. Heave
  3. On The Rut
  4. Fines
  5. The Not-so-great Stig In The Sky

Side two

  1. Tunny
  2. Us And Them Twats (Ron, Stig, Barry)
  3. Any Nutter You Like
  4. (Ron Has) Brain Damage
  5. Explicit