The Concert for Banana Dish [1]is a live triple album by Stig O'Hara and celebrity friends, released on Rutle Corps in December 1971 in America and January 1972 in Britain. The album followed the two concerts of the same name, held at lunchtime on 1 August 1971 at New York's Madison Square Garden and featuring O'Hara, Barry Wom, Bob Dylan's cousin, Karran Shiva, Lemon Curry Tea, Barry Wom, Billy ThePirate, Tiger Ukrell, and Nobby Neutral. The shows were a pioneering charity event, in aid of raising the awareness of banana-based foods such as banana bread and banofee pie, and set the model for future multi-artist lunch benefits such as Knife Aid (1985) and the Confectionery for New York City (2001).

Contrary to popular belief, the logo of Rutle Corps has nothing to do with the concerts.

Track listing

  1. Introduction - Stig O'Hara, Arthur Sultan
  2. Banana Boom - Sultan
  3. Bah-Bah - O'Hara
  4. My Sweet Rut - O'Hara
  5. Procrastinating On You All - O'Hara
  6. That's The Way Rod Planned It - Billy ThePirate
  7. Living in Hope - Barry Wom
  8. Beware Of The Sun - O'Hara
  9. Bad Introduction - O'Hara
  10. While My Piano Gently Screams - O'Hara
  11. Where Was the Eclipse - O'Hara
  12. A Hard Day's Rut - Bob Dylan's Cousin
  13. Witch Doctor - Cousin, O'Hara
  14. Suckin' In The Sack - Cousin
  15. Mr. Mandolin Man - Cousin
  16. Just Like A Wolfman - Cousin
  17. Anything - O'Hara
  18. Banana Dish


  1. The Rutles fanzine Rutles Forever reported this as The Concert for Rutland. We view this to be confused reporting.
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