In the summer of 1966, Ron Nasty was widely quoted by saying that the Rutles were bigger than God. He went on to say that God had never gotten a hit record.


A news article on the story.

Ron nasty

Ron Nasty apologizing to the press.

In response to this, many fans burnt their albums, many more burnt their fingers trying to burn their albums. Album sales skyrocketed, as people began to buy the albums, simply to burn them.

It would later turn out that it was all a great misunderstanding. Nasty, whilst talking to a slightly deaf journalist, stated that the Rutles were bigger than Rod Stewart, who would not be big for another eight years.

In an interview on the subject, Ron stated that this proved that "[we're] all daft-- I'll probably get in trouble for that now." Nasty apologised to God and Rod to these statements.

Despite of the affect this had on Rutles fans, their concerts went along as planned. Some believe that The Rutles' true popularity resulted out of this, as this was the first big media coverage in the groups's history.

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