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In late 1996, a Bootleg album collecting various early takes of Rutle classics was leaked online. Sweet Rutle Tracks was that bootleg, additionally featuring low-quality versions of songs featured on Archaeology that same year. Curiously, it was heavily promoted on the official Rutle website, and in official press-releases. [1][2] It is generally accepted that this collection was actually "leaked" by Ron Nasty himself, or one of his associates, in order to generate buzz for Archaeology.


  1. Intro + "We've Arrived"
  2. "Now She's Left You"
  3. "Number One"
  4. "Love Life"
  5. Radio Spot and Interview
  6. "Goose-Step Mama"
  7. "It's Looking Good"
  8. "I Must Be in Love"
  9. "Baby Let Me Be"
  10. Radio Spot
  11. "Good Times Roll"
  12. "Let's Be Natural"
  13. "Get Up and Go"
  14. Old Blues Man Interview
  15. "Blue Suede Schubert"
  16. "Between Us"
  17. "Piggy in the Middle"
  18. "Living in Hope"

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