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Stop and Smell the Rogaine
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27 October 1981

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Stop and Smell the Rogaine is a 1981 solo album by Barry Wom. It followed a long hiatus, during which time he quit the record industry and began his life-long dream to become a hairdressor in two locations. He originally intended to remain in retirement, but the release of the documentary mega-hit The Rutles: All You Need is Cash created anticipation for each member to return to music. Barry, capitalizing on this, decided to begin recording again.

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But there was a catch: instead of dedicating the themes of his music to loneliness, lunch, or Halloween, he would now primarily use his records as a chance to advertise his many salons. This allowed him to essentially use his entire solo career as a tax write-off for his primary business, tax dodging of course being his core passion in life. Thus, 1981's Stop and Smell the Rogaine re-introduced the world to Barrington Womble.

The album features contributions from Dirk McQuicklyStig O'Hara, Harry Nilsson, I.J. Waxley, Stephen Stills, and several other famous people recorded without their permission.


Side one

  1. Public Service (two locations in Reading) (McQuickly)
  2. Wrap My Bun (O'Hara)
  3. Hairdressing is My Madness (Nilsson)
  4. Hair Extension (McQuickly)
  5. Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Rogaine (Womble, Nilsson)

Side two

  1. Dead Giveaway (aka "The Combover song") (Womble, I.J. Waxley)
  2. Shave Your Goatee (B.B. King, Rod Stewart, Stilton Price)
  3. Sure to Straighten (Pinkpins, Lunch, Campbell's Soup)
  4. You've Got Nice Volume (Stills, Tetris)
  5. Back off Buzz-Cut (McQuickly, Nilsson)