Ron Nasty/Polyvinyl Wicker Trio


11 December, 1970


26 September-October 1970






Rutle Corps

Ron Nasty/Polyvinyl Wicker Trio is an album recorded by Ron Nasty with his wife, Chastity. It is considered one of Nasty's finest solo albums.

In the lead up to the recording of the album, Ron had been undertaking healing yoga classes, run by Arthur Fuckoff. These involved excessive acts such as pulling your leg behind your ear, not drinking tea for a week and screaming 'FUCK OFF!' at postmen. Once Ron had found out what was making him angry, he wrote the set of songs that appear here, and then blew up his rebuilt school.

The album cover was later featured in the Archaeology documentary The Rutles: Together Again.

Track listing

Side one

  1. Sister
  2. Sold On
  3. I'm Lost
  4. Working Class Weirdo
  5. Litigation

Side two

  1. Forget
  2. Lunch
  3. Hell Hell Hell
  4. Cook With Me
  5. Rod
  6. My Mummy's Deaf (Like Dirk) 

2000 bonus edition tracks

  1. Shower to the People
  2. Do The Arse
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