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Reading a Newspaper About a New Dinosaur Discovered in the Rutland Area, Then Realizing You're Tumbling Down Eight Flights of Stairs, Knocking You Unconscious and Then You Wake Up and Realize You're in Argentina (or RaNA aND Dit RAT RYT DEFo SKY UaT YWU a RYiA) is a band formed by Don Nasty in 2008.


In the early 2000s, Don met and began dating Scarlet Dull Hemp. He discovered, long after they began dating, that she had kept a secret for him. A talent, and love, of Destructo art.

“I don't know why I didn't tell him. I guess I was worried that, well, everyone in his life is part of the Destructo movement. I didn't wanna be just another person saying, 'hey you wanna see this Memling I ran over with a steamroller?'”

The two soon formed RaNA aND Dit RAT RYT DEFo SKY UaT YWU a RYiA shortly thereafter.


  • Don Nasty - guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, cursing, nose-picking
  • Scarlet Dull Hemp - guitar, bass, drums, horns, tantrums, crying


  1. Abiogenetic Sessions (2010)
  2. Midnoon Fun (2014)