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Raspberries, Fields, Tractors, Deserts was the debut album by The Barman, a collaboration between Dirk McQuickly and Adolescent.

It began as a remix project by Adolescent of songs from On The Ground, but soon grew into an album consiting entirely of one note, played on 256 different instruments. When listening to the finished album, McQuickly decided that he hated it so much he wouldn't even put his name on it, so it was credited to the Barman after McQuickly and Adolescent got arrested for punching a local barman (who promptly sued them both). It was released in 1994, and sold no copies in its first week. 

Raspberries, Fields, Tractors, Deserts


  1. Transexual Thomp
  2. Trans Mooner Rising
  3. Transpopper
  4. Pure Tea
  5. Bogner Nights
  6. Viking Thomp
  7. Raspberries, Fields, Tractors, Desers
  8. 6 6 6
  9. Sunrise Sex