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Floyd At The Speed Of Punk was the 5th album by Punk Floyd and was released 1976 during a massive world tour while Punk Floyd were at the peak of their powers. 


On Floyd At The Speed Of Punk, each member of Punk Floyd took a turn at writing a song and singing. As Martini didn't sing, her contribution (Spook Of The House) involved her swinging a door and scratching a table leg into a microphone. In later years, she discovered that the table leg had belonged to ex-Rutles manager Leggy, who promptly sued her. 


(all songs written by Dirk & Martini McQuickly unless noted)

1. Rut 'Em In

2. The Gnome You Never Saw

3. She's My Lady

4. Be Scared My Love

5. Wino Punky (McCollin/Amman)

6. Silly Lunch Songs

7. Spook Of The House

8. Time To Ride (Paine)

9. Must Do Something About Rut 

10. Sam Cruise Liner Man

11. Lukewarm and Average