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Punk Floyd at the Brick in the Wall was the 5th album by Punk Floyd and was released 1976 during a massive world tour while Punk Floyd were at the peak of their powers. 

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Released in 1976, during the height of their popularity, Punk Floyd at the Brick in the Wall in considered to be the band's most iconic piece. Featuring such songs as "Ugly Hate Songs" and "The Stabbing You Never Saw (if you're smart)", it exemplified McQuickly's ability to transition from the Rutles into an equally vast yet substantially more violent marketplace. During the concert tour of the band, 20 people were killed, a record low.


(all songs written by Dirk & Martini McQuickly unless noted)

  1. Let 'Em Die
  2. The Stabbing You Never Saw (if you're smart)
  3. She's A Hoar
  4. Be Scared of My Love
  5. Crack Cocaine (McCollin/Amman)
  6. Ugly Hate Songs
  7. Lust of the Mouse
  8. Time to Die (Paine)
  9. Insane Clown Punk Floyd  
  10. Disneyland Express
  11. Lukewarm and Average