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Pipes of Piss.

Pipes Of Piss was the 5th solo album by Dirk McQuickly. Released in 1983, it consisted of the songs that everyone involved with the Tug Of Whore sessions hated. This resulted in Dirk being sued by all other people present during the sessions.


The album spawned two songs co-written with The King of Pop Michael Trapson.


(all tracks composed by Dirk McQuickly unless noted)

  1. Pipes Of Piss
  2. Gay Gay Gay (McQuickly/Trapson) -Duet with Michael Trapson
  3. The Other Key
  4. Naked Under Covers
  5. So Crap
  6. The Scam (McQuickly/Trapson) -Duet with Michael Trapson
  7. Shitest Little Show
  8. Average Urine
  9. Flay Flay
  10. Tug Of Piss
  11. Through Our Gloves