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Pansy Badminton


17 May 1977


June 1976


Jazz, rock




Beagle Homophone

Pansy Badminton is a 1977 album by Dirk McQuickly, under the pseudonym Pansy "Bad" Badminton. The album is an orchestrated instrumental cover of McQuickly's 1971 album Spam.

McQuickly portrays the alter ego of "Pansy Badminton", an alias influenced directly by his pet dog of the same name. The album portrayed the concept of a multi-millionaire chihuahua who had hired the Rutland Symphony Orchestra to perform and record an instrumental version of McQuickly's previous album, Spam, as Pansy could not acquire the distribution rights to Ron Nasty's Mine Games. The album plummeted in sales, however. Consumers believed that the concept was too far out, as it was widely agreed, at that time, that dogs could not conduct symphonic music.


  1. "Too Many Spamners"
  2. "3 Pig Legs"
  3. "Ham On"
  4. "Dear Pork"
  5. "Uncle Spam/Admiral Hormel"
  6. "Spam Away"
  7. "Ham of the Country"
  8. "Fuck You Ron"
  9. "Punkberry Pork Delight"
  10. "Eat at Ham"
  11. "Long Ham Lady"
  12. "Spam On"
  13. "The Back Side of My Can"


The album was released on cassette tape in 2004. In a failed marketing campaign, McQuickly sent a telegram to every major record label informing them of Pansy's triumphant return, to raise awareness of the album's reissue. However, the campaign proved ineffective when it became apparent that none of the labels had actually owned Telex machines since the late 1960's. Only 20 copies of the reissue were published, four of which are currently supporting the hind legs of McQuickly's lounge chair, of which the rubber nubs had fallen off prior to the production of the re-release.