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Mother-may I? was a song that was recorded during the band's tour of Hamburg in 1962. The song is based off the game of the same name. The tape was found in an old trunk, although, they did not find Leppo there. The song was released on the Let It Rot LP.

Original Version[]

Dirk tells Leppo to stand at the end of the stage with his back facing the audience and says they are going to play Mother-may I.

  • Nasty "Mother may I play my guitar?"
  • Leppo "Yes, Nasty. Yes, you may.

Nasty then proceeded to play a quick guitar solo with chords from Goose-Step Mama thrown in.

  • Dirk "Mother may I play the bass?"
  • Leppo "Yes, Dirk. Yes, you may."

Dirk plays a quick bass solo

  • Stig "Mother may I play MY guitar?"
  • Leppo "Yes, Stig. Yes, you may"

Stig plays a few notes of My Ronnie

Barry hits the foot pedal of the drum, causing a thump

Other Versions[]

  • On the Let It Rot album by the Slovenian band Laibach, the song is done to a more military beat and former drummer Boris Wombleovitch is shot at the end.