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Masterful History Tour


August 4, 2009


Comedy metal, Thrash metal




Oglio Records

Masterful History Tour is Rutallica's 2nd studio album from 2009. It contains 12 more mashups (or Rashups) of songs by The Rutles and songs by Metallica, although it's mostly Rutles songs. The cover parodies Tragical History Tour and Master of Puppets.

Rutallica later released a video for the single "Hero of Another Day".

Later, a music video for "Fuel on the Pill" - two, in fact - was released on March 5th, 2009 (the second video being the German film noir counterpart, entitled "Kraftstoff Auf Der Pille").

Track Listing[]

  1. The Battery of Jaymz and Chastity
  2. Masterful History Tour
  3. Fuel on the Pill
  4. I Must Be Evil
  5. Ticket to Rut the Lightning
  6. Rutting for Your Life
  7. The Thing That Should Not Be Natural
  8. Hero of Another Day
  9. Now She's Trapped You Under Ice
  10. I'll Just Bleed Your Face
  11. Choke Your Band
  12. The Day Nevertheless Comes