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Low Resolution (Rut All About It) by English musician Stig O'Hara, released in September 1975. It was Stig's final album under his contract with Rutle Corps, and the last studio album issued by Rutle Corps. The release came nine months after his troubled 1974 tour of airlines with Karran Shiva and the poorly received Lame Duck album. The melancholic mood of the recording reflects Stig's depressed state at the criticism and delayed flights generated by these projects. All songs written by Stig O'Hara.

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Track list[]

Side one

  1. Glue
  2. The Question's At The End 
  3.  This Piano (Can't Keep From Screaming)
  4. Ooh Nasty (You Know That I Loathe You)
  5. World of Scones

Side two

  1. A Bit More Glue
  2. Can't Stop Thinking About Glue
  3. Tired of Lunchtime Queue
  4. Grey Hairy Thighs
  5. His Name Is Leggy (Goys and Girls)