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Litigation Station is a 2018 album by Dirk McQuickly. It was released on 7th September 2018 and became his first ever album not to reach number one.

Track listing[]

All songs were written by Dirk McQuickly, except where noted.

  1. Opening Litigation
  2. I Don't Sew
  3. Come Home To Tea
  4. Crappy With You
  5. Who Dares
  6. Ruht You (McQuickly, Ryan Cheddar)
  7. Confidante's Peak
  8. People Must Cease
  9. Tongue in Cheek
  10. Tiddlywinks
  11. Back In Bognor
  12. Sue It Now
  13. Brutus Rock
  14. Despite Repeated Yawning
  15. Litigation II
  16. Rut You Down - Hated - © Kink