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The Let It Rot movie, which documented the lawsuits.

The Let It Rot lawsuit is the popular name given to a series of legal disputes which followed the breakup of the Rutles after the now-infamous Get Up and Go/Let It Rot sessions.


Various factors contributed to the lawsuits, but music historians believe that it all started after Leggy Mountbatten's departure for Australia. After he left, the Rutles released Tragical History Tour, one of the biggest flops of the 60s leading critics to argue that the band lost their direction at this point.

Another reason was the failure of Rutle Corps. Poor financial management, huge losses of money, and people stealing the label's stuff ultimately sealed its fate.

In 1970, soon after the release of eponymous album and their arrest following the rooftop concert, there was nothing left to save the group and the band fell apart amid much legal wrangling: In December 1970 Dirk sued Stig and Nasty; Barry sued Dirk; Nasty sued Stig and Barry; and Stig sued himself accidentally.