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Let It Rot
Let it Rot (film).jpg

Directed By:

Ken Russell

Produced By:

Ron Nasty


The Rutles

Music By:

The Rutles

Production Company:

Rutle corp.

Distributed by:

Wanker Artists

Release Date(s):

13 May 1970 (United States) 20 May 1970 (United Kingdom)

Running Time:

80 Minutes

"Let It Rot" is the final film by The Rutles released in 1970. It was a documentrary chronicling the events of what became the album and the lawsuit. It was recorded during the now-infamous Get Up and Go/Let It Rot sessions. The film (and the album) was originally titled "Get Up and Go", till they were both changed to "Let It Rot" to coincide with the single of the same name.


The film shows the making of both Let It Rot and Shabby Road. It also shows The Rutles being like they've never been before: cross, unhappy, always arguing at each other and just like the rest of the world.

The only thing the film does not show are the multiple lawsuits and The Rutles getting arrested after their rooftop concert (however, the aftermath can be seen). During the credits, it shows who sued who and what they got out of it. It's by this list that Rutles Historians can learn that almost nothing was accomplished by the lawsuits. However, the five dollars Barry got helped him open up his salons.

VHS Release and DVD Problems[]

Let It Rot was released on VHS in 1974, However only 3 copies were made. In 2009 they were going to re-release it on DVD but Nasty along with Dirk,Stig, and Barry felt that the film was too depressing that It shouldn't be released on DVD. However in 2010 a bootleg DVD surfaced and people began to get excited. But their excitement didn't last very long because the bootleg quality was so terrible that the VHS had better quality. The only current way to watch the film is to find one of the three Let It Rot VHS tapes or buy the bootleg.