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The cover to the album.

Lame Duck is a 1974 solo album released by Stig O'Hara, released on Rutle Records. It would later go on to inspire Stig's own record label, Lame Duck Records. The cover was designed by Sally Carpenter.

The album was controversial due to the strong placement of Karran Shiva on the track. Shiva, who O'Hara had met shortly before the Rutles broke up, was the world's leading Turkish Kazoo player, and had to take over much of the album after Stig developed laryngitis. This lead to a poorly-recieved tour, with Variety stating:

"Karran Shiva's unmelodic kazoo numbers failed to hold the interest of the younger rockers, and Stig's attempts and lip-synching the songs failed." - Variety, 1974

This flop would effectively immobilize O'Hara's career for a time, and afterward he would go back into hiding.

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Track listing []

Side one

  1. Stiggy's On Tour (Excess)
  2. Simply Rabies
  3. So Mad 
  4. Bye, Bye, Lunch (Felice Bryant, Boudleaux Bryant, O'Hara)
  5. Māya Naise

Side two

  1. Ping Pong, Ping Pong
  2. Lame Duck
  3. Far East Spam
  4. It Was Him (He Stole My Car)

2014 reissue bonus tracks

  1. I Don't Shave Anymore
  2. Lame Duck (demo)

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  • Much of the information presented here is possible thanks to the vintage Fanzine Rutles Forever, which can be found reprinted here.