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"Lady O'Hara" is a song by The Rutles, released in 1968. The song was written by Nasty-McQuickly

Background []

The song is about when the Rutles had to sit next to Stig O'Hara's future wife Gertrude Strange during a long taxi ride. Although she too was usually silent like Stig, she deliberately kept making rude and annoying noises in Dirk McQuickly's direction as a joke. This lead to Dirk jumping out of the taxi in frustration into the middle of the motorway without paying the taxi fare. He was run over by a unicycle.

Recording []

Dirk, with the help of the other Rutles, recorded the song at his hospital bedside when the nurses weren't looking. Following the song's release, Dirk was sued by the taxi driver for his fare, and the hospital sued the Rutles for recording on their premises without their permission. 


  • First released as a single in 1968, b/w the Stig O'Hara song The Inner Lunch.
  • Dirk played the song live with Punk Floyd on Pulse over America.
  • Rereleased on 1.