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Karra Shiva was a close associate of Stig O'Hara. At the time O'Hara met Shiva, shortly before the break-up of The Rutles, he was the leading Turkish Kazoo player. O'Hara was immediately enamored by the sound of the instrument and bribed Shiva to give him lessons. The sound would feature heavily on his first solo album, Wonder Ball Music, and his career thereafter.

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In 1974, after spending some time as an air hostess for Air India, O'Hara attempted to make an American tour alongside his new album, Lame Duck. However, he suddenly developed laryngitis due to over-use of his voice, and Shiva was asked to take his place. The reviews were atrocious, and essentially killed O'Hara's career (for a time). One review in Variety stated:

"Karran Shiva's unmelodic kazoo numbers failed to hold the interest of the younger rockers, and Stig's attempts and lip-synching the songs failed." - Variety, 1974

The concert would be seen as a flop, but Shiva's influence on O'Hara lead to a massive increase of Kazoo music in Rock'N'Roll.

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  • Much of the information presented here is possible thanks to the vintage Fanzine Rutles Forever, which can be found reprinted here.