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"Imitation Song" is a solo song and album written and performed by English musician Ron Nasty. It was released in 2009 and has become known as "Ron Nasty's final song," which held true following his passing in 2019. The album itself only consisted of a single song and static afterward, leading to many complaints from fans. Despite this, Imitation Song is generally considered one of Nasty's strongest tracks, second only to "Short Blues."

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Imitation Song[]

By the turn of the Millennium, it had become known to many close to Nasty that he had begun to view his life as an "imitation," although no one was quite sure what he meant. Because of this, the song is thought to be a tribute to his existential worries. It has since become an anti-bad things anthem, much like Nasty's other songs Give Peas A Chance and End Bad Things (if you want to), and has been used as a protesters anthem.

In 2011, Nasty came out of retirement again to release a music video of Imitation Song.