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"I Warned You (She's Too Heavy)" is a song by The Rutles from their 1969 album, Shabby Road.


The song was written by Ron Nasty and credited to Nasty-McQuickly. At 8 minutes long, it is one of the longest Rutles songs and the longest on the album. Lead vocals are also sung by Nasty, and the song was written about how Dirk had tried to pick Chastity up and throw her out of the recording studio. The song has very little and repetitive lyrics. The final 3 minutes is the same track repeating over and over again.


The song was recorded on many dates at the Rutle Corps Studio on Shabby Road, including February, April 20, and November 1969. Coincidentally, these included the first and last dates of the Shabby Road Sessions. The original coda was over 20 minutes long, but Barry accidentally cut off a large portion of the tape trying to cut someone's hair, explaining the abrupt ending. Billy ThePirate contributed keyboards to the song.


  • Ron Nasty - lead & harmony vocals, lead guitar, Moog Synthesizer
  • Dirk McQuickly - harmony vocals, bass guitar, inspiration
  • Stig O'Hara - harmony vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar in coda
  • Barry Wom - drums, congas, teabag
  • Billy ThePirate - Hammond Organ