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I Wanna Be Karl Marx
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March 19, 1999

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I Wanna Be Karl Marx is a 1999 studio album by Barry Wom. It is both a Christmas album and a dedication to Karl Marx, revolutionary and writer of The Communist Manifesto. It was a critical success, unlike his previous attempts at holiday albums, but was a commercial failure due to him again releasing it in March.

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  1. "The Revolution is Coming (where will you hide?)"
  2. "Westphalen Wonderland"
  3. "I Wanna Be Karl Marx"
  4. "The Proletariat Drummer Boy"
  5. "Rudolph the Red Prussian"
  6. "Christmas Eve (of Revolution)"
  7. "The Stateless Dance"
  8. "Class Struggle (Is Here Again)"
  9. "Red Christmas"
  10. "Dear Santa, Capitalist Traitor:"
  11. "Reder Christmas"
  12. "Kritik der politischen Ökonomie"