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Horizontal Boi
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16 June 1998

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Horizontal Boi is a solo album by Barry Wom, released in 1998. The album features collaborations with other famous musicians and hairdressers, as well as Dirk McQuickly and Stig O'Hara

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Track listing[]

  1. Pi
  2. Rut in the... World
  3. Garfield
  4. King of Broken Farts
  5. Rut Me Do
  6. Horizontal Boi
  7. Driftwood (featuring Tonya Petty, Stephanie Tyler and Alan Morris)
  8. Hey I'm Walkin' Here
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
  10. Without Good Branding
  11. I'll Be Fined Anywhere
  12. Crumpet 
  13. I'm Your (Hairdresser)