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Give My Regrets to Broad Street is a solo studio album by Dirk McQuickly, as well as the soundtrack to his 1984 film of the same name. The album reached number 1 on the UK chart. The lead single, "No More Horny Nights", was DISASTA and Golden Globe Award nominated. The album also includes punk renditions of some of Dirk's Rutles compositions, as well as several re-dos of Punk Floyd and earlier solo tracks, all of which are featured in the film.

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Track listing[]

Side one

  1. No More Horny Nights (Ballad)
  2. Good Day Lunchtime
  3. Elevator Music
  4. Scrambled Eggs
  5. Out Of Nowhere
  6. Wanderlouse
  7. Bathroom Dancing
  8. Silly Lunch Songs

Side two

  1. Silly Lunch Songs (Reprise)
  2. Not Such A Bad Goy
  3. So Bad (It's An Album) (CD track only)
  4. No Corkscrews
  5. No More Horny Nights (Ballad reprise)
  6. For Four Guys
  7. My Little Ukulele
  8. The Ukulele Dream
  9. The Long a-la mode
  10. No More Horny Nights (playout version)
  11. Goodnight, Prince Charles (CD track only)

1993 bonus tracks

  1. No More Horny Nights (extended version)
  2. No More Horny Nights (awful 80s dance mix)