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"Ging Gang Goolie"


August 18 1978


Reggae, Pop


Barr E Records


"Mr. Sheene"

"Ging Gang Goolie" is a gibberish nonsense song which is common with Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and Non-Binary Rovers. A cover of the song as recorded in 1978 by Dirk McQuickly and Stig O'Hara, which was widely reported as being one of their first mainstream solo projects after the breakup of The Rutles. It came packaged with a second song, "Mr. Sheene", a dedication to Barry Sheene.

News of these two songs were covered in the first issue of the Rutles fanzine Rutles Forever. In a letter to the magazine, McQuickly stated that the pair intended to release a full album together, but this never came to pass. [1]McQuickly has also claimed that the pair recorded a music video for the song. However, this either was never released or is exceptionally rare, not even being known to exist on bootlegs. [2][3]

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