The Rutles Backwards Message
The opening to "Evolution Number Ten," first forwards and then backwards, revealing the supposed hidden message. The Rutles Backwards Message

Evolution Number Ten is a recorded composition that appeared on the Rutles' Triangular Album. The song, unusual for the band's work, was Nasty's tribute to the Theory of Evolution, and the idea of something coming from nothing. The song features a calm voice describing the dawn of life on Earth, of those on "jelly limbs" crawling from the sea, before evolution again pushes them further and further to both survival and development. At the end of the piece, the speaker claims that the globe "...rang with their cleverness" and that "with each turn, [it] gave them meaning."

Throughout the song, animal sounds, wind, and light instruments alongside the noise of Nasty repeating the phrase "Number Ten" over and over again. Supposedly, if one plays this intro in reverse, they can hear Nasty yell "NEXT Dirk-man!" This is thought to be him at an audition for a Dirk replacement, according to the Dirk Is Deaf conspiracy theory.

The song was re-released on The Wheat Album in 2018.


Evolution Number Ten has left Rutles fans with a wide range of opinions. Some like it, thinking it was a creative concept, while others hated it and thought it was a complete waste of time.

Dirk, famously, was upset that Nasty was given the full-credit of attempting to create "unlistenable" music in the band, as he had created the unreleased "Carnival of Shite" sometime before.

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