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The Eccentric Lice Orchestra is a band led by singer, songwriter, and noted Rutle-phile Jeff Lynt.


Here is a list of the Orchestra's studio albums, along with selected song highlights.

No Ants Here (known as Eccentric Lice Orchestra outside of U.S.), 1971

  • 90210 Overture

Eccentric Lice Orchestra II, 1973

  • Blue Suede Schubert (This was a side-long cover of the Rutles' song of the same name, which incorporated most of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony.)

On the Turd Day, 1973

  • Hoedown
  • Ma-Ma-Ma-Belch

Eldorito, 1974

  • Can’t Get Her Out of My Bed

Face the Mucus, 1975

  • Medieval Woman
  • Mange Magic

 A New Bad Record, 1976

  • Dyin’ Thing
  • Rockagedy
  • Do Ya Not?
  • Telephone Pole

Into the Red, 1977

  • Turn to Styx
  • Sweet Belgian Woman
  • Mr. Grey Sky

Verydisco, 1979

  • Shine Your Little Shoes
  • Don’t Bring Me Doughnuts
  • Transfusion
  • Last Train to Pacoima

Xanadax Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1980 (This soundtrack was split with the film's star, Malaria Neutron-Bomb.)

  • Xanadax (with Malaria Neutron-Bomb)
  • I’m Comatose
  • All Over the Floor

Grime, 1981 (A concept album about filth, it nonetheless yielded two U.S. Top 40 hits.)

  • Mold on Sight
  • Toilette

Secret Massages, 1983

  • Whack-a-Mole is King

Absence of Power, 1986

  • Calling Bolivia

Zoinks!, 2001

  • Moron in Paradise (Note: No. 41 in Poland)