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Doubleback Alley is a 2019 film about the Rutles and their music, which attempts to explore a world where they never existed.


Jason Macek is a struggling musician who is facing relationship strife in his personal life. During a freak storm, Macek is hit by a bicycle while attempting to jog through Rutland's Doubleback Alley. When he awakens, he is in a world where the Rutles never made it big and thus no one has heard of them.

Several small things are thus different. For instance, cigarettes and long hair no longer exist, and the band Oasis never formed. Also, because Ron Nasty never became a musician, he has fulfilled his dream of owning a squadron of tanks and is attempting an invasion of the western front.

Continued tension surrounding Nasty's constantly growing army leads to worries of World War IV, and things become worse for Macek when he comes into contact with prolific serial killer Sir Dirk McQuickly.

Eventually, Macek discovers that by singing Rutle songs he barely remembers, with absolutely no understanding of the content or context of what the songs mean, he can unite the world into peace and harmony, although by this point all four of the never-Rutles have killed roughly 2.4 million people.


Doubleback Alley proved amazingly popular with people who like the Rutles but have never analyzed a Rutles song. On the review aggregator Bitter Melon, the film has a critics score of 2% but an audience score of 125%.

Sir Dirk McQuickly snuck in to see the film with his wife, and told reporters that he "loved the film" but "didn't understand why [his] character had to gut those preschoolers."