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"Don't Know Why" is a song that is featured on The Rutles' 1996 album Archaeology.



The Rutles - Don't Know Why Video - ITV 1995

The demo of the song, which first aired on Rory Bremner: Who Else?

"Don't Know Why" was one of the songs which Ron Nasty allegedly discovered in his garage in East London. The first airing of the song was in November 1995, on the show Rory Bremner: Who Else?. This demo was considered lost media until a VHS copy of the clip appeared on YouTube (right).

The premiere is what inspired Nasty to reform the band and release their final album, doing so in 1996.

While the contents of the song may initially seem to be generic, about someone looking back at a lost love wistfully, the lyrics seem to pertain to his on/off feud with Punk Floyd lead Dirk McQuickly:

“Looking back
With 20/20 hindsight
We only did the best we could
As green as any Norwegian Wood
The acid test of fame we withstood...”
―Ron Nasty

Notably, it is not a bitter song, making it far from a diss track. In it, Nasty comes to realize that "...true love turns out to be the stuff between hello and goodbye," meaning that the value in the relationship does not derive from if it lasted.

Don't Know Why