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Crime in New York City is a studio album by Ron Nasty & Chastity Hitler and the Hippopotamus' Emery band, and paired with the album Live Crap as a double album. The majority of the songs on this album haven't dated well, as they discussed things that were going on at the time. In fact, I don't think it meant anything after a year of the album's release.

Released in 1973, it is Nasty's third studio album after The Rutles' breakup.

Track listings[]

All songs written by Ron Nasty & Chastity Hitler, except where noted.

Side one

  • "Women Is The Sister Of The Herd" – 5:15
  • "Sinners, O Sinners" (Hitler) – 3:46
  • "Attica Waste" – 2:54
  • "Born in a Dustbin" (Hitler) – 4:03
  • "New Pork City" (Lennon) – 4:30
Side two
  • "Sunday's Bloody Mundane" – 5:00
  • "The Rut of the Irish" – 2:56
  • "Joan Chinclair" (Nasty) – 3:28
  • "Wasn't" – 4:06
  • "We're All Ruter" (Hitler) – 7:11
Side three
Performed live at Rutland on 15 December 1969, for a charity concert
  1. "Gold Turkey" (Nasty) – 8:35
  2. "Don't Worry Kylo" (Hitler) – 16:01
Side four
Recorded live at the Fillmore East in New York City with Frank Crapper and The Brothers of Intention on 6 June 1971
  1. "Well (Baby Please Go Away)" (Walter Ward) – 4:41
  2. "Jamrag" – 5:36
  3. "Lunch Bag" (Nasty/Hitler/Frank Crapper) – 4:27
  4. "Eh, U" – 8:04


This album has always been regarded as Ron Nasty's worst album ever, mostly due to the fact that Chastity Hitler is on it, and the fact that the songs haven't aged well. Since the poor reception, copies of the album have been buried in a desert to never be seen or heard by anyone ever again. Despite this, the album was still included on the Ron Nasty Signature Box Set, but took out 99% of the songs, as well as all the Chastity Hitler songs, leaving only "New Pork City" and the live version of "Gold Turkey".