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Cloud Nine from Outer Space
Could Nine From Outer Space.jpg


2 November 1987


Recorded 5 January − late March 1987






Lame Duck Records

Cloud Nine from Outer Space is Stig O'Hara's tenth studio album, recorded and released in 1987 after a five-year hiatus from his recording during his years as a flight stewartress. Including the hit single "Got My Mind Set on Lunch", Cloud Nine from Outer Space re-established O'Hara as a critically acclaimed and commercially significant recording artist. Many tracks were featured with O'Hara's back-up band, the Eccentric Lice Orchestra (led by O'Hara's good friend Jeff Lynt).

Track list

All songs by Stig O'Hara, unless noted otherwise

Side one

1. Cloud 9 from Outer Space (song)

2. That's What She Said (O'Hara,Jeff Lynt, Barbra Right)

3. Fish (and Chips) on the Sand (Jeff Lynt)

4. Save for Tomorrow

5. This Is Lunch (O'Hara, Lynt)

6. When We Was Prefab (O'Hara, Lynt)

Side two

1. Angel's Cassette

2. Anywhere Else

3. Wreck of Habeas Corpus

4. Heaven Smells Bad

5. Got My Mind Set on Lunch (Ruby Kent)

Bonus tracks

1. Shawshank Surprise

  • Duet with Vicki Brown

2. Stig Stag (O'Hara, Lynt)

iTunes Store bonus track

1. Got My Mind Set on Food (Extended Version) (Kent)

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