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Barry the 666th
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20 March 1977

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Following 1976's release of Barry's Spooktacularathon, a themed album shifting his career away from Rock and towards Halloween gimmick albums, several of his close friends advised (and perhaps even begged) for Barry to give the idea up. However, Wom insisted this was the future of popular music, and released Barry the 666th, another Halloween album created from the few recording sessions with his themed band.

This would cost him his career, and he spent the next several years mostly away from the recording studio and instead focusing on his new career in hairdressing. His career would only be given a second chance when the award-winning documentary film All You Need Is Cash caused a second-wave of Rutlemania, and he began sporadically releasing albums again soon after.


Side one

  1. Drowning in the Sea of Blood Lust
  2. Tango With Dracula
  3. The Punk Floyd
  4. Put On Make-Up
  5. Out in the Graveyard

Side two 

  1. Can She Do It Like She Voodoo
  2. Sneaking Wolfman Through the Pep Rally
  3. It's No Spirit
  4. Goblins in a Fight 
  5. Simple Halloween Mascots Dancing Song