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8 October 1990

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In 1989, while working in his two salons in the Reading area, Barry Wom was convinced by his business manager that going on tour again could be good for tax reasons.

Barry was always a fan of a good tax dodge. He also always preferred to sit as much as possible, and realized that being front and center on stage every night wasn't necessarily for him. So he made some calls to other musicians of varying renown and thus the first (and only) incarnation of Barry Wom and his ****-All Band was born, featuring:

  • Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap) on lead guitar
  • Jimmy Mattingly (The Oneders) on rhythm guitar
  • Jim MacLaine (Stray Cats) on bass
  • Alex Fletcher (PoP!) on keyboards
  • Bruno Martelli (NY Performing Arts school) on piano
  • Clarence Walker (who once claimed to be the Fifth Rutle) on sax
  • Sam MacPherson (Dewey Cox) on drums
  • Mike Phillips (Thotch) also on drums, to be on the safe side

The tour began in Barry's adopted home town at the Hexagon Theatre. The band performed through the summer, making it the longest-lasting post-Rutles band Barry had ever been involved in up to that point.

The recordings made of the band were hoped to have been lost. But they were eventually found and released on LP in 1990. The full gig is available to download

Album tracks[]

  1. "Living in Hope" (Barry Wom)
  2. "Dont" (Barry Wom)
  3. "That Thing You Do" (Jimmy Mattingly)
  4. "Pop! Goes My Heart" (Alex Fletcher)
  5. "I Wish (I Could Tell You When)" (Clarence Walker)
  6. "Alone in the Crowd" (Bruno Martelli)
  7. "Americana Stray Cat Blues" (Jim MacLaine)
  8. "Hellhole" (Nigel Tufnell)
  9. "Easy Listening" (Barry Wom)
  10. "Rockingest Mamma" (Barry Wom)
  11. "She Knows It" (Jimmy Mattingly)
  12. "Meaningless Kiss" (Alex Fletcher)
  13. "False Alarm" (Bruno Martelli)
  14. "C-O-N-Confused" (Clarence Walker)
  15. "Stardust" (Jim MacLaine)
  16. "Stonehenge" (Nigel Tufnell)
  17. "Enough" (Barry Wom)
  18. "Rendezvous" (Barry Wom)