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Barry's Spooktacularathon
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17 March 1976

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Goodnight Vietnam

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Barry the 666th

Barry's Spooktacularathon is Barry Wom's fifth studio album and by some arguments one of his strangest.

After the breakup of The Rutles in 1970, Barry had found great success making solo albums such as When You Find the Girl of Your Dreams in the Arms of some Scotsmen from Hull and Barry Cross The Mersey. This had continued all the way through his previous album, Goodnight Vietnam. However, in 1976 Barry began to insist to several friends that Rock-N-Roll was on its way out and that he needed to predict future trends. It was Barry's belief that the future of pop music lay entirely in Halloween novelty albums, and with this belief, he assembled a new band: Barry and His Skeleton Brothers. The band broke up within a month of forming.

Barry's Spooktacularathon was their first release, with another album recorded the same week but not released until 1977 (as Barry the 666th). Both were massive critical and commercial failures, and nearly completely ended Barry's career.

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Track list[]

Side One[]

  1. "A Dose of Trick or Treats"
  2. "Hey! Boo!"
  3. "Pure Eye of Newt"
  4. "Bobbin' (for apples)"
  5. "You Don't Scare Me At All"

Side Two[]

  1. "Cookin' (In the Kitchen of Dracula)"
  2. "I'll Still Carve Pumpkins With You"
  3. "This Be Called a Skeleton"
  4. "Las Escalofriante"
  5. "Lady Frankenstein"
  6. "Completely Normal Song"