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All Things Fall Down
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27 November 1970


26 May-September 1970






Rutle Corps

All Things Fall Down is the third studio album by Stig O'Hara. This album featured songs by Stig that the other Rutles hated and therefore, did not allow to be put on any one of their albums.

The album cover was later featured in the Archaeology documentary The Rutles: Together Again.


Side one

  1. I'd Have Tea Anytime (O'Hara, Bob Dylan)
  2. My Sweet Rut
  3. Bah-Bah
  4. Isn't It Witty (Version One) 

Side two

  1. What Is A Wife
  2. If You Forgot (Dylan)
  3. Behind That Unlocked Window
  4. Let It Up 
  5. Running Down the Hill

Side three

  1. Beware of The Sun
  2. Rutle Snuffs
  3. Ballad of Sir Dirk McQuickly (Let It Rot)
  4. Procrastinating on You All
  5. All Things Fall Down

Side four

  1. I Hate Digging
  2. The Art of Tye Dying
  3. Isn't It Witty (Version 2)
  4. Hear Me Lunch

Side five (Banana Jam)

  1. Out Of My Shoes
  2. It's Ronny's Birthday
  3. Take Me Out

Side six (Space Jam)

  1. I Forget Jeep
  2. Thanks For The Cups Of Tea